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Speech Therapy Services in Miami



  • Speech and Language Screenings are informal evaluations lviva002istered to infants, toddlers, and young children.
  • Speech and Language Screenings are used to identify potential problems that may interfere with a child’s ability to understand spoken language and communicate effectively.
  • Speech and Language Screenings are used to identify children who may need to be referred for a formal speech and language evaluation.
  • Speech and Language Screenings assess the following areas: language, articulation, connected speech, social communication skills, stuttering, and voice.



  • Speech and Language Evaluations are comprehensive / formal assessments targeting all aspects of communication.
  • Speech and Language Evaluations assess the following areas: receptive / expressive language skills, pragmatics / social language skills, articulation / phonological skills, oral motor functioning, voice production, and fluency.
  • Speech and Language Evaluations require parental / caregiver assistance (i.e. interview with parent / caregiver, completion of case history forms, etc).
  • Based on results obtained, a speech and language evaluation report / individualized plan of care is developed to meet the child’s needs.

Treatment / Therapy


  • Speech and Language Treatment consists of regularly scheduled sessions targeting specific speech / language goals previously established in the child’s plan of care.
  • Frequency and Duration of Speech and Language Treatment is established on an individual basis according to the recommendations made in the child’s plan of care.
  • Treatment may range from 1-3 times per week; from 30 to 60 minute sessions; for 3-6 months (all dependent on recommendations made in the child’s plan of care).
  • Parental involvement and caregiver education / training is strongly encouraged / recommended in order to facilitate carryover of newly acquired skills into the natural / home environment.
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